Want to know how we do it? Learn how to run your beauty business from the masters. Tips, Techniques and Tricks to run enchance your business, advance in your career and earn six figures.

Brow Vault : Beginners Edition

The Brow Vault..Everything you need to learn to start your career. Full 2 Day Program designed for beginner permanent makeup artist.This is a foundational class were you will learn to microblade, create an ombre/powder brow, hybrid combo brow and the ever popular nanobrow. We will practice on on several method and do a live model on completion of training.​ The brow vault beginner class is designed for smaller groups maxing out at 5 students. Hosted in Orlando, FL only. Certifications awarded at the completion of the course.

Program Itinerary:

Day 1

Q and A

Skin Type Analysis

Client Consultation

Microblading Techniques including:

stroke by stroke hair pattern

Hair stroke mapping and pre-drawing

Depth and troubleshooting

Basic Brow Mapping and Symmetry



Retention Problems

Removals and color theory

Social Media Branding

Day 2
Machine Shading Techniques

Machine Set up

PMU Shading patterns

Mapping for ombre look

Numbing Method

Photo Hacks

Client Education

Sales,Marketing and Pricing

State requirements and Consent forms

Business Management ideas

Certificate of completion and Tattoo Artist license issued by the state of Florida (License fee seperate)
Class Includes all materials,starters kit,machine and lifetime support.*Products of the kit may vary. Retail value up to $300 USD

Available in English or Spanish


 Financing Option

Brow Mapping Workshop

1 day training
Brow Mapping for Waxing
Advanced String Method Mapping for Brow Tinting and Henna Brows

Microblading and Microshading

Color Formulation and theory
Tips and tricks to creating perfect brows

Includes kit and double certification

Includes on going education via our online training


Brow Vault : Pro Edition

Are you already a permanent make up

or microblading artist and want to

 advance your skills? This is the training for you!


Day 1

Learn new microblading hair patterns and techniques

Shaded hair strokes

Color theory

Color corrections

Techniques for working over previous work

Needle selection

Advanced brow mapping, including string method

Pre drawing and dealing with symmetrical issues.

Certification awarded at the completion of the course.

Available in English or Spanish