Brow Map University was started from my love beauty,a stack of free business cards and the spare bedroom of my apartment. I started waxing in my mother’s beauty salon at the age of 14. She taught me some techniques and tips and from there on I practiced. Guess what?! I loved it!! Little by little I began building a clientele( which I booked after I got out of school for the day) and my business grew. At the age of 17, I moved to Orlando. I put my business to rest for a couple of years but in 2012 after many 9 to 5 jobs and lay offs, I decided I was going back to what I loved. At this point I was jobless and practically homeless but I managed to buy a waxing pot, made some free business cards on Vista prints and started passing them out. I worked out of the second bedroom of my home for a few months.


As I built my clientele I moved to a small room in a business center, at the same time I found out I was pregnant and definitely going to be raising the baby alone. The big F word got into my head (Fear not F@#*!, which comes in close as one of my favorite words lol) I didn’t know whether to push on with the business or once again retire and give into fear and settling for what life dished out for me. After much faith and prayer, with a burning desire I decided to move along with it and make it work. It was a struggle,single mother,no financial help, still attending college,but I got through it and after the birth of my son and a good old tax return, I was able to move my business to where we were located before moving into our new spot and we have been booming ever since then! I thank God and am eternally grateful that I get to wake up and enjoy the company of my clients and do what I love…Making every single one of my ladies walk out more confident, beautiful and radiant than they were before they walked through the door. We believe in empowering women and girls to achieve whatever your minds can think up, NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise and don't settle for what life throws at you. Most importantly don't forget a negative mind will NEVER give you a positive life.

​Wishing you success,


Natasha Martinez

IG: @Browprofessor

      @ Browmapu



We believe in making education affordable for everyone which inspired us to create this easy downloadable material. Enjoy the culmination of over 20 years of brow artistry. NEVER make a mistake with brows AGAIN!

Natasha Martinez
Carlos Martinez

Celebrity Brow Artist, Elite Educator & Founder of OH LA LA BROW BAR & BROW MAP U

  • Licensed Esthetician

  • Certified and Licensed Microblading Artist & Micropigmentation Specialist

  • Certified Brow Mapping Expert

  • Certified Permanent Makeup Removal and Color Correction Expert

  • Certified Waxing Specialist

  • Certified Business Coach with a specialty in salon structures and management

  • Trained with Brow Daddy, Minx Brows, Nouveou Contour, Layla Hichen,Beau Institute and many more.

 Owner of Brow Map U​niversity

  • Certified Business Coach with a specialty in salon structures and management

  • Operations manager and lead customer service leason at Oh La La Brow Bar


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